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Stampa 3d di dispositivi nAno e Micro fluidici: un paradigma nuovo per le scienze chimico-fisiche

The goal of S-TRE-AM is to develop skills in micro and nano-additive manufacturing for the introduction of micro and nano-fluidic technologies in strategic areas of our activities.

Examples of interdisciplinary and translational activities that will benefit from these technologies include lab-on-chip sensors for biomedical and industrial applications; organ-on-chip testbeds to improve overall efficiency and reduce animal experimentation in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields; the digitization of protocols like the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for genetic analyses; the fabrication of reactionware for modelling industrial plants and standardizing and controlling chemical and biochemical processes; the study of fundamental chemical and physical phenomena in extreme conditions; the pursuit of revolutionary frontiers like chemputing, where chemistry meets computation; and many more!

For more info, please contact Fulvio Ratto


  • Fulvio Ratto (CNR-IFAC)
  • Filippo Micheletti (CNR-IFAC)
  • Sonia Centi (CNR-IFAC)
  • Alessandro Lavacchi (CNR-ICCOM)

This project has received funding from the Fondazione CR Firenze.