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MEtaMateriali fOtonici e laseR per claYtronics e nanorobotica

The goal of MEMORY is to develop plasmonic metamaterials that may undergo a reversible optical manipulation.

Within MEMORY, we aim to demonstrate the possibility to reconfigure arrays of gold nanoparticles at different hierarchical levels, from the single plasmonic unit up to the macroscopic scale, by using optical pulses of different duration. We are focusing both on the plasmonic substrate and on the optical source.

In particular, we are developing a custom laser-diode driver to deliver nanosecond pulses of different duration and at high repetition rate.

On the right, the picture shows the first prototype of laser driver, connected to a commercial Arduino MCU (MicroController Unit) development board implementing the digital signal for pulse triggering.

The corresponding schematic of the circuit and the the result of a simulation of the circuit in a transient of 300 us, including 3 PWM cycles are shown in the following figures:

The Vdrain signal shows the capacitor loading phase and ID the current pulse formation at the charge release time.

For more info, please contact Lucia Cavigli


  • Lucia Cavigli (CNR-IFAC)
  • Filippo Micheletti (CNR-IFAC)
  • Angela Pirri (CNR-IFAC)
  • Fulvio Ratto (CNR-IFAC)
  • Guido Toci (CNR-INO)
  • Matteo Vannini (CNR-INO)

This project has received funding from the Fondazione CR Firenze.